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Equilibrium Wellness NC - Post Surgical Care

Medical Lymphatic, Mobility & Body Shaping Therapy

Medical Lymphatic, Mobility & Body Shaping Therapy We want to support your commitment to transforming lives through plastic surgery. At Equilibrium Wellness, we understand the importance of comprehensive care beyond the operating room. Forged out of surgeon/patient feedback and a desire to fill the gap, we  are providing effective healing therapies  to reinforce  your patients' healing journey post-surgery.

What & Why-Medical Lymphatic Care Impact Lymphatic care involves an educated and knowledgeable approach using gentle  techniques designed to optimise the body's lymphatic system, which as you know, plays a crucial role in eliminating toxins, reducing swelling, and promoting healing. After plastic surgery, the lymphatic system can become compromised, leading to prolonged recovery times and potential complications. Our tailored lymphatic care services address these issues head-on, ensuring your patients achieve the best possible outcomes; complimenting your surgical practices. 

  • Expertise: Our team consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in lymphatic care and post-surgical recovery. Educational and Patient Care Background - 20 yrs - spans between Nursing, PTA,  Registered Yoga Trainer and Massage Therapy in FLA to specialised training/certifications in Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphatic Care Post Plastic Surgery & Intensive courses/certifications for RF/Cavitation/Red Light Therapy for Chronic Pain and Body Shaping.

  • Personalised Approach: We understand that each patient is unique. That's why we provide individualised treatment, with or without your guidance depending on each case, plans tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your patients. Each new client receives their notes complete with progress reports and recommendations. 

  • Professional  Care: We offer 90 minute sessions that** include; manual lymphatic drainage, radio frequency, body shaping techniques, compression therapy, far infrared/red  light therapy and nutritional support. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support every aspect of your patients' recovery journey, always referring appropriate questions back to the surgery team or primary care physician. ** all cleared prior by surgeon **

  • Results-Driven: Our goal is simple – to help your patients recover faster, minimise discomfort, and achieve optimal results. As the aftercare safety net between you and the patient, we inform them on what is normal healing, and if it is outside of a normal healing parameter, we immediately guide them back to you. This can potentially cut down on panicked phone calls. Our most common underlying patient feedback is that they are so relieved to have the help understanding what and how their bodies heal post surgery. Most patients that become concerned about their home healing progress, either state that they never were told about familiar healing progress or they couldn’t remember discharge instructions. With Equilibrium Wellness by their side, your patients can expect a smoother, more comfortable recovery process, understanding that normal healing, wound care and recovery takes time but is worth the patience of doing it the right way! 

Safe & Effective Next Step Approach Offering patients  beneficial options for taking care of their bodies after they leave your facility, allows them the luxury of planning for post surgery healing. Most Plastic Surgeons  outside and within NC, expect their patients to have at least 6 Lymphatic Drainage Sessions, 2 a week, starting after their 1 week checkup. The 1 month check in results prove this care plan is necessary. Equilibrium Wellness will ensure that your patients receive the comprehensive after care they deserve, setting them up for postsurgical success on their transformational journey - we offer 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage packages of 6 to 10, red light/far infrared sauna, vibration and rf/cavitation therapies*within Surgeons parameters.

Thanks from Danalynn - Owner/ Lead Therapist ~ Please feel comfortable to reach out! I would love to have you  learn more about our services;  how we can collaborate and support your practice and your patients. If you are interested , we can schedule an office visit to further explain how we conduct our business. I would love to spend a half an hour with you to get you as excited as I am about taking care of your  patients post procedure! 

Insta: @equilibriumwellness365

Phone: 386.627.0769


I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and make a positive difference in the lives of your patients.


With Passion & Gratitude 

Danalynn Scott Horton


*Licensed Medical Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification Practitioner

*Specialty Trained in Plastic Surgery, Edema, & Injury Rehabilitation Therapies

*Registered & Licensed Yoga and Personal Trainer

*Trained and Educated in Red/Infrared Light Therapy 

*Somatic Healing via Vagal Nerve Movement and Stimulation Classes**unique to Equilibrium Wellness 

*Mobility & Rehab through fluid movement, massage, yoga, and bodywork therapies

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