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Fertility Prep, Prenatal, Postnatal


The Fertility Massage 

The perfect treatment for anyone trying to consciously conceive, whether naturally or with assistance.   This session includes a castor oil pack applied to the abdomen, CranioSacral therapy, reflexology, deep pelvic work, and aromatherapy for opening the conception channels. 1 ½ Hour $120 0r Recommended 3 sessions $300


The Prenatal  Massage

Essential for moms experiencing the beauty and challenges of growing a new life.  This massage is a combination of a relaxing, nurturing approach, coupled with clinical structural bodywork and includes long strokes, kneading and muscle energy techniques, combined with neuromuscular therapy, Strain Counterstrain and Myofascial release. Side lying session. 1 ½ Hour $95 0r Recommended 3 sessions $255


The Come Out Baby Hypno-Massage **NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING**

A massage that prepares the mom’s body for the physical act of birth and incorporates therapeutic massage and acupressure techniques to stimulate contractions. This massage is given while the mom listens to a special audio track that brings her into a deep state of relaxation, enabling mom to get ready for birth – both mentally and physically.  Please schedule this massage the week of your due date. One Hour $85


The Postpartum Massage 

Focuses on correcting postural distortions that may have occurred during pregnancy and addresses the physical strains of caring for a newborn (upper back, neck, and shoulder discomforts). The most common post-partum musculo-skeletal dysfunctions can be treated with trigger point therapy, Strain CounterStrain, muscle energy technique, and similar approaches. 1 ½ Hour $95 0r Recommended 3 sessions $255

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