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Mobility via Personal Training / Yoga available for 1 on 1 sessions- 6,8, 0r 12 session PKG available

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Neuromuscular Therapy  **The best session when you do not know what to pick !**

Neuromuscular and structural bodywork is a special modality that addresses pain patterns. Often muscles will have issue points otherwise known as trigger points, which results in a common pattern of pain. A good example of this is headaches, sciatica, low back pain, and tennis elbow. A skilled neuromuscular therapist can offer relief by going to the source of the pain and begin releasing . When you are making your appointment please be specific about any chronic pain patterns. 1 ½ Hour $120 0r Recommended 3 sessions $300

Hip mobility, ITBand & Lower Back Rehab 

Body Rehab techniques address the hip flexors and psoas muscles; moving into full range of motion with attention directed towards the QL muscles and SI joint to lighten up in the back. When helping release and stretch the hip flexors the IT band is brought to life and flexibility is brought into the legs 1 Hour $95

Neck , Shoulder and Upper Body Rehab

The upper body is ruled by the pec, trap and lat muscles. There are many more soft tissue areas that come into play with neck and shoulder pain. When the front of the body and the back of the body work in agreement , the cervical spine lets go of a lot of its tension. Headaches, shoulder and arm pain ( referring into elbow and wrist) can often times be corrected by the right release in the upper body.- 1 Hour $95

Relax and Unwind 

Melt into this session on a warm table - this gentle and effective session calms the body and mind

- 1 1/2 Hour $100

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