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Think, Eat, and Be HEALTHY ~ Move as often as you can ~Be humble and treat your body with respect ~ Love yourself in spite of yourself ~ Trust your inner voice ~ Laugh at yourself and not at others ~ Never mistake kindness for weakness ~ Learn how to accept help ~ Learn what your great at and offer it to others for free ~ BE KIND TO EVERYONE ~ Try not to judge ~ Be cool, not rude ~ Look up as often as you can ~ Meet others with a smile ~ Understand that your strengths are your weakness' and its OK, adapt and learn ~ The longer your breathe, the calmer your spirit, the wiser your decisions ~ You ALWAYS have a choice ~ Have integrity ~ See past the end of your nose ~ Aim to speak the truth ~ Lead with your heart, it has the purest of intentions ~ Let your body find peace with Massage Therapy and Mobility ~ Speak, Move and Give with LOVE



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