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Danalynn Scott Horton, Owner and Lead Therapist of Equilibrium Wellness,  has over two decades of dedicated experience in the medical field, specializing in women's whole health, post-surgery lymphatic care, and functional movement. With a passion for aiding individuals in achieving optimal recovery and wellness, Danalynn has solidified herself as a trusted expert in the field.

Her professional journey spans various healthcare settings, including emergency room care, family practice, plastic surgery centers, labor and delivery with midwives/OBGYNs in home birth settings, as well as roles as a physical therapy assistant and in athletic rehab. This diverse background has equipped her with invaluable insight into injury prevention, body mechanics, and functional movement, enhancing her ability to provide comprehensive care to her patients.

Danalynn's extensive expertise includes serving as a Lymphatic Drainage and Care Specialist, focusing on post-surgery care for plastic surgery, breast cancer, and orthopedic surgery patients. She has collaborated closely with surgeons and medical professionals, developing personalized care plans and facilitating open communication to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Furthermore, Danalynn is deeply committed to continuous learning and professional development. She stays abreast of the latest advancements in women's care, including topics such as Lymphatic Health, Gastric Bypass, Breast Cancer, Hormonal Treatments, and Surgical Advances and techniques. This dedication underscores her commitment to delivering the highest standard of care to her clients.

Driven by a passion for positively impacting women's lives, Danalynn places a strong emphasis on post-surgery recovery. With her expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication to excellence, she strives to provide comprehensive support that promotes healing, wellness, and overall well-being for her patients at every stage of their journey

Mobility and Lymphatic Drainage aids the body to feel free
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