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Your thoughts effect your health✌🏼

People often forget the self talk they engage themselves in on a daily basis. Some people have nailed down positive affirmations , some people have mastered the art of constructive criticism within the solitude of their silent thoughts .

The dark side of self talk is the sludge that we feed ourselves , rooted in pain, lacking in self confidence and dripping with fear.

Every thought , every word we utter ; it sticks to us like glue. (Body Memory and Cellular Memory - 2 great rabbit hole search words )

Thoughts fester, bloom , decay and heal.

Research spans deep and wide into the growing concerns of anxiety , depression and the lack of care people are allowing themselves to receive , or mental health care is unaccessible to them.

The link below is an easy read , and gives some great ideas to help self asses.

Learning to self asses then actually putting it into practice , is a big task and seems hard to maintain, for some .

Every little movement counts .

Create new patterns!

We walk around like robots doing the same thing, sitting in the place , eating the same foods .

You can’t fly if you don’t open the exit doors.

In my line of work I look at the physical body; fluid stagnation , lymphatic issues. I listen for what is not said and what is most important to the patients ; mental clarity and framework for thoughts emerge.

When a puzzle has pieces missing or damaged , the picture is not complete .

There are so many solutions , however small or large, they all add up to positive movement .

This post is a flame thrower , hopefully encouraging even just one of you to start changing patterns. Evaluate and readjust - reach out for help - if it’s not with me , let it be with some one you trust .

Cheers to small steps !



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