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Research proves that patients who create a care plan; prior, during or right after surgery or injury, have a more efficient and healthier healing time. A care plan can be as simple as making sure you have family/friends to take you to appointments, shopping lists to ensure good food in the home, and a journal to take daily notice of changes.
Equilibrium Wellness helps take the guess work out of implementing a more detailed plan. In our years of helping patients navigate their next steps we offer;  healthy food choices, lymphatic flow therapy, and proper movement to your care plan. Together, with your input and comfortability, we knit together a program that will work best for you.

View our programs below ; *note that some therapies need to have a series of sessions for results and some plans are coupled with therapies and can not be broken up to ensure healing

~Lymphatic Flow Massage and General Well Being Checkup - 1.5 hr session x3 sessions
~Grocery Shopping and Food Prep
~Exercise Program *only available after clearance from Surgeon and or care Physician 

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