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Lymphatic Flow* Massage 
This safely founded technique is unique to Equilibrium Wellness. These sessions promote healthy lymph circulation by gently allowing fluid to flow, promoting swelling and discomfort to ease. 
We use a dry brush, Equilibrium Wellness Flow* oil blend, and a warmed table.

Grocery Shop & Food Prep ~ weekly/monthly ~1 or 2 daily meals ~ $ based on client dietary needs   
The right nutrition fuels the best possible outcome. A common complaint of patients is knowing what to eat, how do they get the food after surgery or an injury and how to prep good food when the body needs and wants to rest. We will give you a list of anti-inflammatory foods and meals that you can choose from. We have snacks, wellness shots and pre-measured smoothie options as well.

Exercise and Stretching ~ ONLY TO BE ADDED ON TO LF*MASSAGE PKG ~ 45min ~ $45
After you are cleared by your surgeon or care physician, which can be as early as a few weeks out , you can slowly move back into healthy movement! Walking is a great way to get the blood flowing. When you add specific strength building movements, it can help release tension and build back what many patients say they feel they 'lost' by the down time. Danalynn teaches yoga , in various styles, since 2009, personal trainer since 2010 and is an Athletic Rehab Specialist , since 2014. 

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